Mentioned in F. Paul Wilson’s May newsletter

An early title screen grab from "Lipidleggin'"

I’m very honored that Lipidleggin’ author F. Paul Wilson mentioned this blog and our production in his May newsletter to fans. You can subscribe to his newsletter at his Repairman Jack website, named after one of his best-loved characters. We promised to keep him posted as soon as we find out whether Lipidleggin – The Film is accepted in our local film festival, and our team is planning to submit the film to other regional festivals later this summer.

2 responses

    • Send me your email address; I’ll make it happen. Send me a message through Facebook; follow the link to my pre-production photo album to get there. Thanks for your interest! I have been across the entire Canadian continent from Vancouver, BC to Gander, Newfoundland…in a one-week blitz trip doing a mini documentary series back in 2009. Lovely country and wonderful people! Still addicted to gravy on fries, thanks. 🙂

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